Subject Re: Embedded FB on Windows - using Java - help appreciated.
Author plinehan
Roman Rokytskyy <roman@...> wrote:

> How did you try the IBOConsole? Did you connect to the server or did
> you use the embedded Firebird?

> It can well be that if you connected to the
> server via IBOConsole, your Firebird Embedded installation
> still fails...

I see what you're driving at here - you're thinking that my
IBOConsole may be happily talking to the server, but that
it's not talking to the dll version?

That *_cannot_* be happening. I have no privileges to install
the server on these machines.

The first thing I do when I'm starting to test, is to see
that the Firebird embedded/dll is talking to the database,
by running IBOConsole and modifiying some data, then closing
everything down and checking the dates on the files and then
reopening and checking that my change was permanent.

I appreciate that my loose use of language could have led you
to believe that I was trying to somehow run a server and
an embedded version at the same time - but this is not the
case - I cannot install stuff on these machines.

Thanks again for your interest - take care,



> Roman