Subject Re: Embedded FB on Windows - using Java - help appreciated.
Author plinehan
Roman Rokytskyy <roman@...> wrote:

Hi again Roman, and thanks for your interest,

> > I changed the database server from the 2.11 to 1.55
> > and now I'm getting a response from the server - I can
> > select all of the employees last names.

> That is not ok. You tried to use Firebird Embedded and finally
> landed at using Firebird Server.

No, I never installed or even tried to install the server.

Sorry - I didn't explain myself very well.

In the context of using Firebird embedded, for me, the
"server" is the dll - I know that's confusing.

What I meant (and probably should have said 8-)) is
that I changed the dll version from 2.11 to 1.55. This
seems to have done something which means that the
system is now working for me, which is great.

The only reason that I download the (proper/full)
server version from the website
is to get the sample db, Employee.gdb which does not
come with the embedded version. This is for testing to
see if I can simply select from a database.

Maybe there should be a sample db with embedded version
for this very purpose?

Also, as I mentioned, the sample db appears to be missing
from the 2.04 server-exe distribution - now that is an error.

> Firebird Embedded can also act as a client library when you
> connect to the server, it seems that's what had happened
> to you.

No, I never installed or even tried to install the server - the
only reason I downloaded it was to get Employee.gdb.

> If you want to use Firebird Server, you'd
> better use pure-Java connection URL:
> jdbc:firebirdsql:localhost/3050:D:/Test1/EMPLOYEE.FDB

I can't install anything at all on the machines here in
College - that's why I can't use the FB server - I *_have_*
to use the dll - for everything.

> But if you use Firebird Embedded, you should be able to
> get connection without starting the server at all.

Yes, I appreciate this - indeed it's the beauty of the
dll/embedded version - no install, no server, no overhead.

> Apparently driver tells that it cannot load the
> fbembed.dll, which usually happens if it cannot be found
> in PATH or the Firebird Embedded does not work properly...

The whole thing is confused by the fact that the
embedded server won't work on (what apparently is)
the SAMBA share used by the computer system in College
for general storage - I have to copy files back and
forth to local drives on the machine that I'm actually
working on (which has to change all the time!) - it's
a real pain!


I'm looking at it carefully and will report back.

Thanks for having taken the time to help me out on
this - it is very frustrating! I was even going to
download the Oracle Lite database, which they say
is an embeddable version - then I looked at the size,
600 f$%^&*g MB - WTF??

Take care and rgs,


> Roman