Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Encoding JayBird on Linux
Author Roman Rokytskyy

> I have an application which I initially developed on Windows with
> Firebird 1.5.3 enconding NONE, JayBird 2.1
> Now I have poeted it to Linux (Ubuntu) and all is fine except problem
> with the Swedish letters ÅÄÖ. The letters display correctly in Windows
> environment bot NOT in Linux.
> Any ideas?

Almost certainly your Linux has different code page compared to the
Windows box. This is controlled by the $LANG and/or $LC_CTYPE
environment variables and very often *nixes have it set to ANSI_C...

If you can't tune those environment variables, set the following
connection properties:


You can do this also in JDBC URL:


But the best way is to go away from NONE.