Subject AW: [Firebird-Java] Arrays with Firebird
Author Roman Rokytskyy

There are no such plans in the near future. You can retrieve elements of an array via plain SQL.

Internally arrays are implemented as BLOBs and access to its elements woould require many roundtrips to the server. So I would say that fetching all elements in one statement is also faster.


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Von: Schmitt, Christian <christian.schmitt@...>
Gesendet: Montag, 1. September 2008 09:14
Betreff: [Firebird-Java] Arrays with Firebird


I was wondering if there are any plans to support Firebird-Arrays in the
near future.

If not, what would be the most appropriate way to retrieve arrays with a
Java-application (newest stable Java-version)?

Thanks & Greetings

Christian Schmitt

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