Subject commit retain / rollback retain
Author unordained
Does Jaybird offer any way to commit or rollback retaining, and keep result sets open, without
using the "holdability" flag? From something I've seen Ann H. say, it seems like Firebird's APIs
themselves offer this ability, originally to support Delphi grid applications. This is for a case
where I'd like to commit-as-I-go, yet keep iterating over the same original result set that told me
what I needed to do; I can either put the whole result set in memory (defaultResultSetHoldable, I
assume), or I can hope there's a feature that lets me do this in "streaming" mode.

Note that commit/rollback "retaining" could come in handy even without this feature; if nothing
else, I could re-issue my 'select' after commit-retaining, knowing I wouldn't pick up anything