Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Process name in monitoring tables with Jaybird?
Author Roman Rokytskyy
> Don't know about the DPB, but the process name field in the monitoring
> table is declared as VARCHAR(253).

Ok, in many cases enough for class name.

> How about (without having too much in-depth Java knowledge):
> * If a particular -D parameter is present, use this one
> * If this particular -D parameter is NOT present:
> - Use the classname with the entire package information, if it fits
> into DPB / VARCHAR(253).
> - If it doesn't fit into that, make a substring of the class name from
> right to left to.

I was thinking about this way.

> - A third option would be the class name without any package
> information. Probably, a bit useless, depending on the class name one
> uses for the main[] method.

Not very useful, since many classes have name "Main" :)

> Will do, if we agree on a solution. ;-)

I'm ok with the options you suggested. I do not know whether I will be
able to extract all that info, but I will try :)