Subject connection pool in a Sun Java System Application Server PE 8.1 2005Q1
Author gongoca

I am trying to create a connection pool in a Sun Java System
Application Server Platform Edition 8.1 2005Q1 over a database Firebird
2.1.1 through the Jaybird-2.1.6 driver for the JDK 1.5. The driver is
referenced in the JVM configuration in the server.

The SJSAS is working and the Firebird database too.

The current configuration in the application server is:

Resource class name ---> org.firebirdsql.pool.FBSimpleDataSource

Resource type --->javax.sql.DataSource

url --->

DatabaseName --->

UserName ---> sysdba

Password ---> masterkey

The rest of values are by default and, when I ping the server, I
retrieved errors. The last one is a "Could not obtain connection during
blocking timeout (5000 ms)"

I have tried to use alias in the url and DatabaseName properties, to
the org.firebirdsql.pool.sun.AppServerDataSource resource class, to
change the conexión string to the all allowed ones, to use in the
DatabaseName properties the path without host and port, with the same

Please, I will be grateful for any contribution.