Subject system tables
Author Pruteanu Dragos

For further integrating Firebird with DbSchema, I would like to ask:
I need some queries to read:
1. for views: view_name, view_source_query
2. for procedures, triggers and functions: name, source_query
3. is the explain plan working with 'explain plan ....' ? Which is the correct way of getting the execution plan ?
4. for table constraints and check constraints, the table_name, constraint_name, constraint_body
5. for sequences the sequence_name

Do you have any test database on your site or in the installation package ? We would like to point in the documentation to such a database.
The the first-time-users would be able to connect to this one only in few steps.
It would be nice if the database may have few more tables, with some data records, and also views, procedures, triggers, etc.
We would also use this database for our tests.

Best regards,
Dragos Pruteanu

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