Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Re: Is there a way to specify size of cache and how much memory fb can use?
Author Roman Rokytskyy
> When I run the application I expect it not to use more than 100 MB.
> But instead, it's using closer to 400MB. My app shouldn't use that
> much memory and I'm wondering if there are other things to do to
> control firebird's memory usage.
> Anyone have any thoughts?

Just talked to core developers. Two possible issues:

a) you have overriden the page cache in the database. In this case the
default one will be ignored. Unlikely, but you can check it anyway (use
either FBStatisticsManager or gstat -h)

b) the undo-log is growing. The undo log contains information about the
record versions that would allow to rollback to the relevant savepoint.
AFAIK, you cannot specify the upper bound for the memory used by the
undo log, however you get it under control in your application avoiding
complex statements, especially in stored procedures.

The best would be if you create a reproducable test case that shows your
typical executions and memory growth issue.