Subject Re: Is there a way to specify size of cache and how much memory fb can use?
Author judlian23
I've set the firebird.conf file to have:
50 MB of database pages in the cache and 50 MB of temp data cache.

DefaultDbCachePages = 12800 #assumes a 4KB page size 12800 * 5KB = 50MB
TempCacheLimit = 52428800

When I run the application I expect it not to use more than 100 MB.
But instead, it's using closer to 400MB. My app shouldn't use that
much memory and I'm wondering if there are other things to do to
control firebird's memory usage.

Anyone have any thoughts?


--- In, Roman Rokytskyy <roman@...> wrote:
> > Also, if I have a bunch of other apps running on the same computer,
> > and there's no way to control how much memory the database uses, what
> > prevents the firebird from hogging all the memory, slowing down all
> > other apps running on the machine?
> Stop-stop-stop. Firebird is not a wild animal that is not under
> It uses as much memory as you have configured, the rest is done then in
> the "swap" files in the temp directory. Only that the -Xmx parameter
> does not work for Firebird, you have to use other configuration
> possibilities.
> Roman