Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Experienced Delphi-5/Firebird Developer would like to shift to Java/Firebird
Author greg hamilton
I've used Eclipse successfully with Jaybird and Firebird. However, if you're used to the designer in delphi, you'll have to code alot more. As former head of the Delphi Twin Cities User group I always recommended using the designer as little as possible but few fellow Delphi developers agreed with me. Also I was used to C++ so the switch to java was fairly easy. There are alot of tutorials on Eclipse out there so if you have the time you can get up to speed. Eclipse is free and robust but not as gui friendly as Delphi.

Good luck

"R. S. Patil" <kpr.rspatil@...> wrote:
Dear Friends,

I am a Delphi Firebird developer used to GUI RAD tools
I would like to shift to Java Firebird development
Can somebody suggest me good RAD tool for java development ?
Thanks and Best Regards

R. S. Patil

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