Subject Database Schema refresh only after Connection restart
Author Peter Welch

I've encountered an unexpected behavior in Jaybird -- that it won't
refresh the database schema until the database connection is restarted.
I was trying to debug a trigger and made numerous changes to the
trigger and other stored procedures using IB_SQL and nothing seemed to
work. Specifically, I added columns in an update statement -- the
existing columns updated data just fine but nothing from the added
columns. After restarting the database connection, it all worked as
coded. So, is there a setting to force a refresh/synchronization of the
database schema in the Jaybird client?

Also, possibly a related issue, I haven't been sending commits after my
stored procedure calls -- so far it's storing the data but I wonder if
it might be a lurking problem. If I'm not ending transactions then the
database schema would have to be preserved until the current
transaction/s get committed -- I presume, anyway. Should I be
attempting explicit commits or does Jaybird handle transaction commits