Subject embedded and the dreaded character set not defined
Author nagypapi
I am using:
Firebird 1.5.4 (or 2.0.1) embedded
WinXP SP2 or Vista
Java 1.6.02
Jaybird 2.1.1

I am using a db file created by 1.5.x with charset ISO8859_2

I copied all of the embedded files into the directory from where my
application is launched.

Scenario 1, firebird 1.5.4
First i use a connection String without setting lc_ctype parameter.

Everything is fine until I try a query that references a varchar (os
textblob) column, ex:
select config_value from config where config_name = 'asddas'

The application freezes at this point (exactly at

Scenario 2:
The above using firebird 2.0.1
The application does not freeze, but throws an exception stating
somthing about the charset not beeing installed
Under VISTA, embedded 2.0.1 didn't run uot of the box

Scenario 3:
I copied the intl dir into my application directory
Didn't help

Scenario 4:
I set the lc_ctype parameter to ISO8859_2
Now the 1.5.4 embedded threw an exception whilst connecting

The solutions available

It seems the database is looking for the intl directory where java.exe
is located

- copy your intl directory to javahome\bin
Personally I don't like this since after an update it won't work

- create a bat file with the following lines (win2000 and above):
set FIREBIRD=<path_to_your_app>
javaw -jar YourApp.jar (or similiar)

editing the firebird.conf didn't help either (rootdir)

Can the engine (will it be able) find the intl folder without above
mentioned steps?