Subject JayBird under Java 6 not using JDBC 4.0 features
Author intermoves

perhaps you, the members of this list, can
give some advice to the question wether JayBird 2.1.1
can be used unter Java 6.

For a major update of our software that now runs under
jdk 1.4 and the old interclient driver we need some image handling
related-bugfixes that have been released under Java 6.

It is clear that JayBird 2.1.1 does not support JDBC 4.0,
but the present version of our software does not use and not need JDBC
4.0 features.

Some initial tests of JayBird 2.1.1 and Java 6 have been promising.

But: Is it a resonable approach to deliver a productive system with
JayBird 2.1.1 and Java 6 under the aspects of stress(import and export
of the data of up to one Giga-Byte xml catalogs) and stability (in a
server application)?

Thanks in advance