Subject Using Firebird with Eclipse 3.3 Datatools... the Schema problem
Author C F
Hi all,

For some time I have been playing with Eclipse and Java.

I have been waiting for Eclipse to come out with support for opening up Firebird databases built in... I thought it might be there with Eclipse 3.3 but alas it still doesn't work... for example, I add a connection in the Data Source Explorer and it connects, but shows nothing under the Schema.

I have seen Roman Rokytskyy's bug fixes (175454, 175455, 175456, 175457, 1754548) and am wondering if they are included in the latest release or the nightly builds of DTP...

I have downloaded the nightly build, unzipped it to the Eclipse directoy but still no joy... looking at the source included in the download the fixes seem to be in the source... not sure if they are in the build... it still does not show any Schema in the Data Source Explorer...

I have tried downloading the DTP source to do a build from that... but with my limited java experiance I find it a bit hard to know exactly what (and how) to build... (obviously checked out to much from CVS as I have lots of different versoins, and several 1.5 sub dirs... all a bit confusing...)

Is there somthing else that stops it showing in the Data Source Explorer???

Any help appreciated.


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