Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] numeric(15,2) and number of decimal places
Author Roman Rokytskyy
> It is strange because I am pretty sure that using Interclient it would
> set the scale to 2 even though the database was storing the value as a
> double. I will have to confirm this though.

Hmmm... looks that we can do more in this case. In dialect 1 Firebird
also returns the scale. So far Jaybird has ignored it as there were no
case where it was not 0.

I have to check whether checking it won't have any negative consequences
in dialect 3, but in the meantime you can modify following methods in

public double getDouble() throws SQLException {
if (getFieldData()==null) return DOUBLE_NULL_VALUE;

double result = field.decodeDouble(getFieldData());

if (field.sqlscale != 0) {
BigDecimal tempValue = BigDecimal.valueOf(result);
tempValue = tempValue.setScale(
result = tempValue.doubleValue();

return result;
public BigDecimal getBigDecimal() throws SQLException {
if (getFieldData()==null) return BIGDECIMAL_NULL_VALUE;

BigDecimal result =
new BigDecimal(field.decodeDouble(getFieldData()));

if (field.sqlscale != 0)
result = result.setScale(

return result;