Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] numeric(15,2) and number of decimal places
Author Steve Wiser
It is strange because I am pretty sure that using Interclient it would
set the scale to 2 even though the database was storing the value as a
double. I will have to confirm this though.


Roman Rokytskyy wrote:
> > Ok, let me know if this works for you:
> Confirmed.
> Seems to be Firebird's specifics - when database is created in dialect
> 1, it does not really matter what client dialect is passed - server
> always return the column type as SQL_DOUBLE (value of
> XSQLVAR.sqltype=481). When database has dialect 3, server returns the
> column type as SQL_INT64 (XSQLVAR.sqltype=581).
> So this is either bug or feature of the Firebird, Jaybird correctly
> translates what is returned from the server.
> Roman