Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] numeric(15,2) and number of decimal places
Author Roman Rokytskyy
> Recently we upgraded our interbase 5.6 servers to firebird 1.5. We seem
> to have issues with fields we have declared as numeric(15,2).
> Previously in interbase using interclient/java these fields would get
> pulled out of the database and correctly have 2 places after the decimal
> point. Now with jaybird/java even though the field is still declared as
> numeric(15,2) the java gets too much precision (too many numbers on the
> right of the decimal point). I think perhaps this is a java driver
> issue. Has anyone else had similar issues as this?

I have tried to store 10.02 in the NUMERIC(15,2) field (dialect 3) and
it works as expected. Note, that if you obtain value as float or double,
the number of decimal places might be different. The only way to ensure
that the code works correctly is using BigDecimal values. In my case
Jaybird returns a value 1002 with scale 2, which is exactly what I would
expect from it.

If you still believe this is a bug, please prepare a test case to
reproduce the issue.