Subject Group moderation
Author Roman Rokytskyy

It looks like I've finally understand the reasons for different delays
that we have in this group. It looks that some emails require
moderator's approval before they are delivered (very likely caused by
false positives in the spam filter).

Let's take the "Problem using service API to run remote backup" thread
as an example. Somewhere in the middle of the thread the
"X-eGroups-Approved-By" header is set and the delay for that particular
email is about 17 hours.

Can't we switch the spam filter off and instead turn on the restricted
membership to the group? In other words, everybody that joins the group
is allowed to post everything here... The approval rates that we have
right now (5 approvals in February) are comparable with the approval
rates needed to join the group (about 10 new members per month).
Assuming that members don't post spam (right? :)), that should be ok.

Alternatively, we should increase the number of moderators. The current
ones are located in USA (GMT-05) and Australia (GMT+10), it looks like
it would be good to have few others from Russia (GMT+05), Europe
(GMT+00) and probably US/Latin America (GMT-10) to cover all time zones.
If that's ok, I volunteer as a moderator from Europe (GMT+01).