Subject Firebird 1.5 to 2.0 Migration
Author rodion_dr
Hi guys,

do you know about any information source for the following topic:
during migration from Firebird 1.5.x to Firebird 2.0 I found very strange
misbehavior in the already stable and working code. It relates to the
next() method of ResultSet instances - the original query is executing
properly but when data is reading from ResultSet instance the code
execution is stopping on the indefinite time (actually, SQLException is
raised with message that connection never closed).

I've read all release-info and docs for the recent Jaybird driver but did
not find any explanation for such misbehavior - I'm using not
auto-commited connections! So all inconsistencies with ResultSets
which were described in the Jaybird docs normally should not relate to
my code.

Moreover, I even tried to use old, 1.5 version of driver with Firebird 2.0
DBMS! And I got a same result - execution stopping in the data reading

Where is the bug/misconfiguration?