Subject Support to Firebird 1.5 in Jaybird 2.1.x
Author Daniel Gaspary

I've searched this list, within the documentation of Jaybird and
at the wiki page

and I am not 100% shure about the Firebird 1.5 support on newest

So... I would like to know if the Jaybird 2.1.1 fully supports the
Firebird 1.5 Server. Is there any problem changing the driver to the
new 2.1.x series when all my .fdb files was created using the 1.5.x
driver version?

"Why don't use the new Firebird ? " Well, We have Firebird
installed on some customers, so... :) . And I want to use some new
features (as changing the tpb parameter to NOWAIT)

We're using Firebird 1.5 + Java 1.5.x