Subject JayBird in Gentoo's portage
Author William L. Thomson Jr.
Ok, took a little while. I ended up becoming a Gentoo Developer in the
process. Not just because of JayBird, but it was one of the
packages/apps I depend on for a living. (Thanks Roman :) ) So when it
was going unmaintained in Gentoo, it was no good.

Anyway, there are ebuilds for Jaybird 2.0.1 and 2.1.0. Both are in
~arch, and need keywords for some yet to be tested on archs like sparc,
mips, hppa, etc.

Also there will be some future changes. As part of Gentoo Java policies
and all, we do not bundled or included stuff in jars that is available
on the system.

So we will at some point stop building the jaybird-full.jar. Since it
contains some concurrent classes and etc from another app/package. That
package will become a dep of Jaybird and all concurrent stuff will be
pulled in, compiled, and installed prior to Jaybird.

I don't have a problem with the pool stuff being in full, but since that
will be the only difference at that point, and both jars existing. Users
will just have to add three jars to classpath or links into containers
like Tomcat. Should be a moot issue and not require any changes with the
build system or etc. So will only be relevant to those using JayBird on
Gentoo, installed via portage.

Barring the changes with the concurrent.jar styff, and any bugs there or
else where. We should see stable JayBird ebuilds in a month or so on

Thanks for the good work, and looking forward to working with you all as
upstream. Since I will be maintaining JayBird on Gentoo for the
foreseeable future.

William L. Thomson Jr.

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