Subject reading binary data (CHARACTER SET OCTETS)
Author David KozĂ­k

I have problem with reading binary data defined as CHAR(n) CHARACTER SET
OCTETS using JayBird (1.5.x, 2.x).

The values are returned as String, so non-ascii characters are
corrupted. I think that correct type of binary data should be byte[].

I'm using JayBird through 3rd party Java application Kettle
( which supports JDBC connections. With MySQL JDBC
driver I have no problem, VARBINARY(n) column type is readed as byte[].

Can anyone help me?

The second question is: is there any way to read data defined as CHAR(n)
CHARACTER SET NONE as binary data? I don't want JayBird or JVM to make
any character conversions when reading/writting data.

David Kozik