Subject again autoCommit off in connection string
Author idrisbudak
Dear Roman Rokytskyy;
I have a problem with jasperReports-ireport about connection's autoCommit.
I searched mail archive and read other's question same as mine.

The subreport feature of Jasper Report is not working because the
result set is closed (because of autocommit on by default).

And your answer:
It is not possible to specify this behaviour in connection string.
I will not add this feature unless I get either:
a) major market players do this and this is de-facto standard; or
b) this is not against specification.

My question:
I'm developing an ERP project and using jaybird. In reporting section
I must use jasperReport
because it is the best openSource reporting library for an ERP.
Please and again please can you please add this as a feature request?