Subject fyracle executing stored procedures via JDBC
Author simon godden
I'm aware this might not be the right forum, but I'm getting desperate as I
don't seem to be able to get assistance elsewhere.

Can anyone help with this (I've copied my post to the fyracle forum):

I have purchased the developer kit, installed Fyracle.

I have created a database with two tables. One table has a trigger on it
which calls a procedure to insert a record into a second table.

This is all PL/SQL, and it's all working fine.

My (severe) problems is that if I try to call my procedure from JDBC, I
always get the following stack trace:

Exception in thread "main" org.firebirdsql.ngds.InternalError: Unexpected
exception caught.
at org.firebirdsql.ngds.GDS_Impl.native_isc_dsql_prepare(Native Method)
at org.firebirdsql.ngds.GDS_Impl.isc_dsql_prepare(
at org.firebirdsql.jca.FBManagedConnection.prepareSQL(

I used the syntax {call test_proc} to try this.

This is a real showstopper for me - if I can't call the stored procedures
from Java, there is no way I can continue with this project, and I really
desperately need to.

Please - can anyone give me information about the correct setup to get this
to work. I am using the firebirdsql-full.jar and jaybird.dll from the
'java' folder inside the fyracle installation folder.


Simon Godden

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