Subject DatabaseProductName
Author Jeremy Blythe

I use the Spring Framework and the sql-error-codes.xml file to specify
mappings from GDS error codes like 335544336 to Spring
DataAccessExceptions. Spring uses the DatabaseProductName retrieved from
a call to java.sql.DatabaseMetaData.getDatabaseProductName(). It then
uses this name to find the error mapping. In Jaybird 1.5.6 this used to
work because the DatabaseProductName was 'Firebird' but in Jaybird 2 and
above (including the new Beta) it returns a long string including the
version number and the host name of the database server, therefore this
mapping doesn't work anymore. The new DatabaseProductName looks like
this 'Firebird 1.5)LI-V1.5.3.4870 Firebird 1.5/tcp (idi)/P10'. (Note
that 'idi' happens to be the Firebird server host name that I'm
connected to). Is there anyway this can be reverted back to just plain
'Firebird' or something simpler and not dependant on the deployment
environment like the host name?

Thanks in advance