Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Jaybird 2.1.0 RC1 released
Author Roman Rokytskyy
> I will try uploading the bundle to ibiblio as a
> request.

Thanks a lot!

> can you confirm the dependencies on other libraries..

> jaas 1.3.0RC1

relevant only for JDK 1.3, others include these classes in rt.jar

> log4j 1.0.4 ??

Latest and greatest should work, but I did not try.

> mini-j2ee 1.3.1_13-b03

This is our invention with selected J2EE interfaces. Please find appropriate
one in the standard Maven repository.

> are there any more dependencies and can u give me
> versions of the dependencies

JUnit 3.7 (or 3.8) for test cases compilation, not needed for the normal

> i have taken the versions from the jar manifest files.
> if the version numbers are different do let me know..


> any particular reason why u are still using 1.0.4 of
> log4j?

Did not feel the need to upgrade.

> does it matter if i specify the latest version of the
> dependencies in the maven build.

Sure, just check first if it works.