Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Another code that worked in 1.5.5 and no more in 2.0.1 ... closing a ResultSet
Author Edilmar
Roman Rokytskyy escreveu:
> > When the line 203 runs, opening the ResultSet rsCons2, the ResultSet
> > rsCons is closed, with no exceptions...
> You do this in auto-commit mode and this behavior is fully JDBC compliant.
> It was fixed in Jaybird 2.0 and described in release notes (page 4, third
> paragraph). If you want your old functionality back, switch the auto-commit
> mode off.
> Roman

To better understand: if I have a system with 1-million lines of code,
with so many Statements/Prepared/Call/etc and AutoCommit=true (default
value), do I have to change all the code putting AutoCommit=false?

I think this is a crazy method for SUN to change the way things work in
systems. Imagine each new JDBC spec if we have to change our
"error-proof" code, that worked fine in older versions of JDBC.