Subject Another code that worked in 1.5.5 and no more in 2.0.1 ... closing a ResultSet
Author Edilmar
I have a Servlet with this code:

Line 200: Statement stmtCons = conn.createStatement();
Line 201: ResultSet rsCons = stmtCons.executeQuery(SQLBase);

Line 202: Statement stmtCons2 = conn.createStatement();
Line 203: ResultSet rsCons2 = stmtCons2.executeQuery(" Select * from
feriado where data = '02/15/2006'");

where SQLBase has this SQL:

SELECT conf.Data,conf.Codcliente,conf.numero,conf.Pesosaida ,
conf.Pesochegada ,conf.numeroconhecimento, conf.freteempresa
conf.coddestinatario,conf.codfilial,des.codcidade,cidades.nome as
cidadedest,cidades.uf as ufdest,conf.tempo FROM cliente clie ,filial
fil,conhecimento conf,Veiculo veic,cliente des,cidade cidades,parametro
WHERE ( conf.Codcliente = clie.Codcliente ) AND ( conf.Codveiculo =
veic.Codveiculo) and (conf.codfilial=fil.codfilial) AND (
conf.coddestinatario = des.codcliente) AND (
des.codcidade=cidades.codcidade) and (conf.cancelado <> 'S' or
conf.cancelado is null) And Conf.CodCliente = 157 And Conf.Data >=
'02/01/2006' And Conf.Data <= '02/15/2006' Order By


When the line 203 runs, opening the ResultSet rsCons2, the ResultSet
rsCons is closed, with no exceptions...

I really look at my code for bugs, but when running in Jaybird 1.5.5,
all works fine! And I don't know what kind of bug would be occuring in
Jaybird 2.0.1 to behaviour like this...

Thanks for any help,