Subject Jaybird 2.1.1 released
Author Roman Rokytskyy

On behalf of Jaybird team I'm pleased to announce release of Jaybird 2.1.1.
This bugfix release fixes the following issues:

- JDBC-92. DatabaseMetaData becomes unusable when the statement that serves
the result set is closed.

- JDBC-87. Backported feature of upcoming Jaybird 2.2 release that allows
specifying the octetsAsBytes connection property and receive byte[] when
using the ResultSet.getObject() method

- JDBC-85. Fixed returning of the error messages.

- Bug reported in Firebird-Java group. ClassCastException when obtaining
byte[] from BLOB fields in cached result set.

The sources will be released later - currently I'm not able to do clean
checkout from repository (connection breaks on large files). Same
about the tracker - for some reason I'm not able to access it, so the above
mentioned bugs will be closed later.

Best regards,
Roman Rokytskyy