Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] what's going on with issues JDBC-87 and JDBC-88
Author David KozĂ­k
Hi Roman,

thanks for answers. Let me know if you will need help with testing of
some test build or release candidate of driver. When Jaybird 2.2 will be
released (approx) ?

David Kozik

> Hi,
> > but still nothing changed. So I am asking again: When this issues will
> > be solved? I don't wont to bother you but we will appreciate solutions
> > of this issues. Issue JDBC-88 (configuration parameter 'encoding' cannot
> > be set to 'OCTETS') has priority for us.
> I checked the stuff, had no time to close the issues - currently I'm in
> Prague on the Firebird Conference.
> The issue is not easy - the engine explicitly checks on OCTETS in
> connection
> and prohibits the connection. When connecting with NONE, all data are
> passed
> correctly except the trailing "space". I have expected the 0x00 to be the
> trailing symbol, instead the engine uses hardcoded 0x20. So, there is some
> discrepancy between documentation for the OCTETS encoding and the reality
> coded in the engine (I have checked the FB 1.5 and FB 2.0).
> The issue with returning byte[] for OCTETS columns - done, committed, will
> be part of Jaybird 2.2. If I remember correctly, I have backported it to
> Jaybird 2.1 branch ("Branch_2_1" in CVS). So you can get the code from the
> CVS directly.
> Roman