Subject Release 2.0 Temporary Decampment
Author Helen Borrie
Hello All,

No doubt many of you are aware that our webserver has once again
stopped responding, after several hours of uptime following a reboot
around midnight GMT. I suspect we can partly thank Slashdot for
losing the site again. :-)

Until I can shake-awake our folks in Toronto to stabilise the
resources, I have de-camped the Firebird 2.0 stuff to the IBPhoenix
site. I suggest going straight to the main page (
) and taking the links to the various bits and pieces.

There's been a lot of ICQ messages flying around our community in the
past 24 hours, between Prague and just about everywhere
else! Heartfelt thanks to Mariuz, Martijn and all the others who
have been helping to mitigate the problems. Fingers crossed!!