Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Can't compile 2.1.0 JNI
Author William L. Thomson Jr.
On Mon, 2006-11-06 at 08:21 +0100, Roman Rokytskyy wrote:
> What exact Gentoo version do you use? I have Gentoo 2006.1

I am running the 2006.1 profile as well.

> (if I remember
> correctly) on Intel Xeon (32-bit) and 2.1.0 for Linux was built on this box.
> Do you get this error on amd64?

Ok my bad, I thought I recalled it compiling. Yes it is a amd64 specific
issue. In that light, I will re-open stabilization bug for 2.1.0 on x86.
Since it only has a problem on amd64. Sorry about that.

> > Also I have some suggestions/request about the build process. Like it
> > would be nice if examples and junit/test targets were optional via if
> > statements. There is also something that causes our XML re-write to
> > break on Gentoo. But I will follow up in another email, or bug report on
> > that stuff.
> You can simply call Ant with other params. For example, "./ jars"
> will create all archives without executing tests, "./ dist" will
> build jars, javadoc and create ZIPs.

If you would check out the patches were are applying. They are doing two
things. One adding a few if statements. Two (something temp and nasty)
they are hard coded to source/target 1.4. Reason for that is because our
XML re-write to specify source/target breaks. If that would not
fail/break, then we would not have to patch the sources like that.

I believe it will still allow for the shifting codebase etc that current
goes on based on jdk version. But presently all that is disabled in
2.0.1. Not really my call introducing that stuff, but I understand why.

Also I think Jaybird will always need to be compiled to the same
source/target. Since it's not just about syntax, but JDBC

> > All the Java parts compile fine. Here is where the build fails. Please
> > let me know if you need more info or etc. Also sorry if this is the
> > wrong place. I can file a bug on if need be.
> This group is the right place.

Well I just did not know how much technical, dev, bug type stuff is ok
to spam to the group :).

> But also please use
>, a bug report is very good, so we don't
> forget it.

Sure, I can go file a bug on the amd64 2.1.0 jni compile issues. I will
see if I can get someone on ppc/ppc64 to test out the stuff as well.


William L. Thomson Jr.

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