Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Can't compile 2.1.0 JNI
Author Roman Rokytskyy
> For some reason the JNI part of 2.1.0 won't compile for me. 2.0.1
> compiles fine. FYI, 2.0.1 just went stable on Gentoo, x86 and amd64.
> Once I can compile the JNI aspects of 2.1.0, it will go stable in 30
> days or so. Barring any bug reports.

What exact Gentoo version do you use? I have Gentoo 2006.1 (if I remember
correctly) on Intel Xeon (32-bit) and 2.1.0 for Linux was built on this box.
Do you get this error on amd64?

> Also I have some suggestions/request about the build process. Like it
> would be nice if examples and junit/test targets were optional via if
> statements. There is also something that causes our XML re-write to
> break on Gentoo. But I will follow up in another email, or bug report on
> that stuff.

You can simply call Ant with other params. For example, "./ jars"
will create all archives without executing tests, "./ dist" will
build jars, javadoc and create ZIPs.

> All the Java parts compile fine. Here is where the build fails. Please
> let me know if you need more info or etc. Also sorry if this is the
> wrong place. I can file a bug on if need be.

This group is the right place. But also please use, a bug report is very good, so we don't
forget it.