Subject RE: [Firebird-Java] Geronimo database pool wizard
Author Rick Debay
> Doing this would prevent rar use on j2ee 1.3 app servers, but I don't
know if anyone is still using anything that old.

I'm sure there are still J2EE 1.3 app servers in use, perhaps even being
maintained. Would you have to supply two versions of the Jaybird JARs
in that case?

> Is there interest in moving to j2ca 1.5?

Eliminating leaks is a good thing, as is supporting Geronimo (from my
self-centered viewpoint). But if this is the only advantage to Jaybird
moving to j2ca 1.5, I'd have to say no :-(

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Subject: Re: [Firebird-Java] Geronimo database pool wizard

I spent a little time trying to get the rar to work and decided the
porlet architecture in geronimo trunk was a bit too brittle to make
this easy to do. The portlet in the 1.1 branch is somewhat better
but I think there are still problems with it. IIRC the problem is that
the portlet only works with j2ca 1.5 ra.xml whereas jaybird is still
using j2ca 1.0.

One advantage of moving to j2ca 1.5 is that the adapter can eliminate
most connection pool leaks by implementing IIRC
DissociatableManagedConnection.... the ConnectionManager can then
disconnect unclosed handles and they can be garbage collected if the app
doesn't keep a reference to them. Doing this would prevent rar use on
j2ee 1.3 app servers, but I don't know if anyone is still using anything
that old. Is there interest in moving to j2ca 1.5?

For g 1.1 branch and the jaybird Driver it should be possible to just
add a gbean configuring the info for the driver.

david jencks

On Oct 24, 2006, at 9:45 AM, Rick Debay wrote:

> Does anyone know what's required to add Jaybird to the Geronimo
> database pool wizard?
> Also, Geronimo will download certain drivers:
> 6.1.1. Automatic JDBC Driver Installation While deploying a database
> pool through the console, Geronimo can automatically download certain
> JDBC drivers and install them into the repository. This is limited to
> drivers that can be directly downloaded without logins, license
> agreements, etc. Currently that includes drivers
> for:
> * HSQLDB 1.7.3 and 1.8.0
> * MaxDB (SAP DB) 7.5 and 7.6
> * McKoi 1.0.3
> * MySQL (JDBC driver version 3.0 and 3.1)
> * PostgreSQL 7.3 through 8.2
> * SQL Server (jTDS driver version 1.1 and 1.2)
> * Sybase (jConnect 5.5 and 6.0)
> Also, note that Geronimo ships with drivers for the Derby database
> (both JDBC and XA).
> Supported in wizard:
> DB2
> DB2 (DataDirect)
> DaffodilDB Embedded
> DaffodilDB Server
> Derby embedded
> Derby embedded XA
> Derby network
> Derby network XA
> FrontBase
> HSQLDB embedded
> HSQLDB server
> Informix
> Informix (DataDirect)
> InterSystems Cache
> JDBC/ODBC Bridge
> JDataStore
> MaxDB
> McKoi embedded
> McKoi server
> Mimer
> Oracle (DataDirect)
> Oracle OCI
> Oracle Thin
> Pervasive
> Pointbase server
> PostgreSQL
> Progress
> SQL Server
> SQL Server (DataDirect)
> SQL Server (jTDS)
> Sybase (DataDirect)
> Sybase ASA
> Sybase ASE
> Other
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