Subject Restore using Service API not working (non localhost only)
Author Ashok122
I am using (Firebird 1.5.3)

final ServiceRequestBuffer serviceRequestBuffer =
gds.iscServiceAttach("ServerName:service_mgr", handle, svcParamBuffer);

I get following error...
gbak: ERROR: cannot open backup file localhost:c:\backups\FIRSTTEST.fbk
gbak: Exiting before completion due to errors

It seems like it is ignoring "ServerName:service_mgr" in
gds.iscServiceAttach() call.

if I change to
gds.iscServiceAttach("localhost:service_mgr", handle, svcParamBuffer);
if I change to
gds.iscServiceAttach("service_mgr", handle, svcParamBuffer);
Restore works.

That proves that my code is working, but restore on the Firebird
server is not happening. I am running the code where Firebird is not
installed but JDBC driver is. And trying to start service on the
Firebird server and do the Restore.
The same code for the BAckup operation works just fine.