Subject hibernate foreign key creation error
Author Marco Parmeggiani
Hi, i'm using hibernate 3.1.1 with jaybird 2.0 and firebird 2.0beta1.
During "automatic" database chema creationg performed by hibernate i get:

ERROR - Unsuccessful: alter table UHFCGEOMETRY add constraint
FK8C1BB3F5EB507AF0a4fa2302 foreign key (CHIPMODULE_ID) references
ERROR - GDS Exception. 335544351. unsuccessful metadata update
No message for code 335544852 found.

1) where can i find an updated table of error messages or how can i
set the things up to obtain meningful error messages?
2) what is causing this error (the key name?)
3) Roman, you once told me that the hibernate dialect should be a bit
tweaked to get it work optimally with firebird sever 2.0. Can you send
me the tweaked dialect?

Thanks a lot