Subject Re: setting a Time type PreparedStatement parameter with setString
Author nagypapi
> The interbase embedded sql guide does not apply here - we are in
JDBC world.

From the java API, java.sql.Time.valueOf:
s - time in format "hh:mm:ss"

This means I cannot set the millisecond value of timestamp via
setString (which in this specific case is NOT a problem)

> As you see from stack trace, we use java.sql.Time.valueOf(...)
method. So we
> need to find reason for +-1 hour slip, since it will happen later too.

I don't exactly remember the state of my program when that happened,
I'm note even sure of the db structure then, or what kind of setter or
getter method I used. What happened was that everything was working
fine, until from one day, a subset of the computers on the same
network showed different times (+-1 hour) for the same data.

This was probably related to some kind of timezone mismatch in the
JRE, something I wouldn't want to run into again, that's why I'm
always setting and getting Strings when it comes to time :)