Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Firebird pool in Sun Java System Application Server
Author Roman Rokytskyy
> I tried to create connection pool in Sun Java System
> Application Server Platform Edition 8.1_02 (build
> b06-fcs) and firebird database
> FirebirdSS-
> I use driver

Eugeney Putilin found the reason for this issue. It lays in the way Sun
application server handles the DataSource properties. It first "reads" via
getters all default values, then replaces those values that are set in the
configuration, and then sets the complete bunch (default + specified) back.

This does not work in case when we have deprecated properties (like
minConnections -> minPoolSize) or aliases (user and userName). In that
particular case Sun Application Server has replaced the user name with null
(default value of an alias property).

As a workaround, please specify both user and userName properties, but we
have agreed to create additional set of classes for Sun Application Server
that will have a limited set of properties, without deprecated ones and
aliases. Doing this for the main classes is not desirable because of the
backward compatibility. This change will appear in RC2 which I plan to
release this week.