Subject Firebird pool in Sun Java System Application Server
Author Dmitry Mozheyko
Hi all!
I tried to create connection pool in Sun Java System
Application Server Platform Edition 8.1_02 (build
b06-fcs) and firebird database
I use driver

I made following steps:
1) copy firebirdsql-full.jar into
2) change JVM settings of appserver JVM Settings ->
Path Settings -> Classpath Prefix:
3) Create connection pool:
Datasource Classname:
org.firebirdsql.pool.FBWrappingDataSource (or
org.firebirdsql.pool.FBConnectionPoolDataSource with
same result)
Resource Type: javax.sql.ConnectionPoolDataSource
(or javax.sql.XADataSource or javax.sql.DataSource
with same result)
and add parameters:
- database:
- userName: SYSDBA
- password: masterkey
- type: TYPE4
- charSet: UTF-8
- encoding: UTF-8
- blobBufferSize: 512
- socketBufferSize: 512

And if i ty to use this pool server error log contains
no errors, but timeout exceeded.
if i change type from TYPE4 to TYPE2 error message:
Operation 'pingConnectionPool' failed in 'resources'
Config Mbean. Target exception message: no jaybird in

What's wrong?

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