Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Re: Firebird pool in Sun Java System Application Server
Author Евгений Путилин
> > Do you test connection to database by direct create
> FBWrappingDataSource from java code?
> Yes, i wrote several programs using this classes(FBWrappingDataSource,
> FBConnectionPoolDataSource) for connection pools,
> all is OK.
Do you test manual create connection from you Servlet/Portlet/EJB code?

IIRC Sun AppServer create connection pool on startup and write to log all errors, include timeout.

If this is not secure information send to me serever log and configuration server.xml in private e-mail.

WBR Eugeney Putilin.

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> > P.s. if you tells in russian you can to ask a question in
> or
> Не нравится мне этот форум там любят
> стебатся, а не помогать.

In or KDV forums is good and it don't have "humor"