Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Re: Problem when using Firebird + Hibernate + Blob fields
Author Roman Rokytskyy
> Well..... it's being printed with c:out... is this the problem? :S
> If not, I'll send you the test case

I suspect that test case is necessary, unless some simple but invisible
mistake has crippled your code. Please note, that BLOB is mapped into a
Types.BINARY type, which, according to the specification, has mapping to
byte[] data type. That means that ResultSet.getObject() for a BLOB column
will return you byte[], not Blob and not String. The BLOB SUB_TYPE 1 is
mapped into Types.LONGVARCHAR, which is mapped to String by default. And
BLOB SUB_TYPE < 0 (i.e. custom BLOB subtype) is mapped to Types.BLOB, which
is mapped in turn to java.sql.Blob.

If, however, you get that value from Hibernate directly, then I need a test
case to find the problem.