Subject Database Schema Updates
Author rwilcom
Opinions needed - although this is not a Java/JDBC question - I
thought I would post it here since I am familiar with this group (and
hey, I like you people better!).

I have to update an existing Firebird database schema without
disturbing the current data in the database. The schema updates are
additions to tables and new tables. My two options are to create
alter table scripts and apply them to the existng database OR offload
the data to re-loadable scripts and completely update the database
definition (then re-load the data).

Anyone had to make this decision before? If so, any opinions on
either case would be great (or another approach). If you have tried
the offload approach, how did you create the re-loadable script? -
does the Firebird 'gbak' utility support this in any way (or another

Thanks for any help!