Subject Re: JayBird: Problems with Prepared Statements
Author pifproject
> >> If you expect the toString() method to convert parameter
> >> marks ('?') into the specified string values - that's
> >> another story. It was already discussed here
> >
> > I do not think that I expect that, I want to convert the
> > prepared statement to String after the '?'s have been
> > substituted with their respective values.
> Ok, I meant the same thing.

Well, well, then I see...

> Pragmatic reason from the driver developer's point of view
> is quite simple - very likely you need to write full-fledged
> SQL grammar parser. Then you have to code a way how to fill
> BLOBs via statements (currently not possible in Firebird).
> But the worst thing is that you might need to update parser
> with server changes in the SQL. And it is not job of the
> driver to parse the SQL - that is job of the database engine.

Thank you for the explanation! So it seems that the database engine is
'responsible' for the unavailability of that feature, not the driver.

> And from the application developers point of view your
> unwillingness to introduce new method to handle prepared
> statements you are going to slow your application down at
> least twice (most likely more). Very unwise.

It's not unwillingness. I simply thought that I can spare an extra
method for the prepared statements, as it would be largely of the same
kind as the existent one, but it seems that I definitely need such.