Subject JayBird: Problems with Prepared Statements
Author pifproject
I am using Firebird Database Server v1.5.2 with the JayBird v1.5.5
JCA/JDBC driver ( more precisely the firebirdsql-full.jar ). I get
problems with prepared statements, whose parameters I would like to
set consequently. When I use:
prepared_statement = connection.prepareStatement(String sqlCode);

and try to see what the prepared statement is by:

I get the following:

instead of a statement like:
INSERT INTO Table_name (Column_1, Column_2) VALUES (?, ?)

which parameters I can set consequently by:
Prepared_statement.setString(1, 'SomeValue');
Prepared_statement.setString(2, 'OtherValue');

Do you know what goes wrong in order for the connection not be able to
prepare an INSERT statement of the kind shown above and how I can
solve that problem? Please answer as soon as possible. Many thanks in
advance for your suggestions.