Subject Re: JayBird: Problems with Prepared Statements
Author pifproject
Roman writes:
> there is no agreement among JDBC driver vendors on this issue
> If you use vendor specific extension, you know what you are doing,
> there are no conflicts caused by different semantics, etc.
> If later this issue is covered in the JDBC specification, we can
> easily adapt to the change, which will not be the case if suddenly
> the specification decides to define some other meaning for
> toString() method.

Federico writes:
> Since that is not part of the JDBC spec, I think it belongs to a
> Firebird extension or even better to a wrapper object that passes
> all calls to the real statement and intercepts the setXXX() methods
> in PreparedStatement and builds the string for that purpose. That
> wrapper does not have to be part of the jaybird driver, just a tool
> you could use with any JDBC driver.

First of all, thanks a lot for the reasonable explanations and for
responding to my posts so promptly!

If I got you right (?), I think you suggest "to override the default
Object.toString() method" (as David Johnson wrote in his reply). Then
Steven Jardine asked whether "overriding the toString method for
PreparedStatement is a viable solution"..

Roman writes:
> finally the group, all JayBird users, decide
> what should be in the driver

Thank you very much for this open source initiative that surely
benefits the user community!