Subject Re: JayBird: Problems with Prepared Statements
Author pifproject
> Just type few words - Yahoo might decide
> to remove their message database.

Okay, I'll try to formulate something as a description.

> Then why do you need SQLstatement parameter later?
> For now I can imagine only one usage for it - take
> an object (instance of java.sql.Statement interface)
> and display it to the user.

I also display that INSERT String as information in the System.out,
but the conversion is primarily needed in order to have a single
'statementExecutor(String sqlStatement)' method, which I can also
utilize for other non-prepares SQL statements.

> But then, if you have a single method that takes string
> as parameter, why do you need to call toString() method
> to return the SQL string that you just passed?

It happened that the PostgreSQL driver adds some additional characters
before the "INTERT INTO ..." (may sound strange, but that was what
happened) and I have to cut those out before passing the statement for

> If you expect the toString() method to convert parameter
> marks ('?') into the specified string values - that's
> another story. It was already discussed here

I do not think that I expect that, I want to convert the prepared
statement to String after the '?'s have been substituted with their
respective values.