Subject Re: JayBird: Problems with Prepared Statements
Author pifproject
> > I would be really glad if you please reply directly
> > to this post when/if that feature is implemented.
> Please fill the feature request at,
> so we do not forget it before the next RC and/or
> final release.

Can I post a direct link to my post here at YahooGroups - would that
suffice as a feature request description?

> > In the meantime, I will try to handle the prepared
> > statement directly without converting it to String.
> I still do not understand why do you need
> this non-standard feature if you call
> Connection.prepareStatement(...) anyway.

I have a single 'statementExecutor()' method in my Java program that
takes an 'SQLstatement' String as input parameter. I thought, I can
spare another method for executing the prepared statement on its own
(as I have to also execute non-prepared CREATEs: in addition to the
mentioned INSERTs).