Subject JayBird 2.0.0 RC1 released
Author Roman Rokytskyy

On behalf of the JayBird team I am pleased to announce JayBird 2.0.0 RC1
release. Since beta2 release following fixes were made:

* fixed error when transaction was not committed in DatabaseMetaData
* fixed incorrect length in FBBackupManager (was 4196)
* fixed an NPE when old value contained null for updatable result sets
* fixed FB 2.0 incompatibility - CHARACTER_LENGTH is now reserved word
* fixed null sorting depending on the server version
* fixed JDBC incompatibility - driver must return null if it discovers that
the specified URL is not applicable for it.
* added code to save exceptions that happen during blocking timeout
* moved jaybird2.dll initialization into static initializer

Looking forward for your comments!

Roman Rokytskyy