Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Firebird as backing store for queue (was: Possible bug in ...)
Author Roman Rokytskyy
> This is really a new topic, so I'm renaming the thread :o)

> Is the url for using embedded
> jdbc:firebirdsql:embedded:<<localDatabasePath>>?


> I was under the impression that embedded did not allow concurrent
> connections.

No, it allows concurrent connections. However, embedded on Linux (at leaast
for FB 1.5.x) requires more synchronization - one thread per library at a
time. Embedded for Windows allows one thread per connection at a time.
Vulcan should relieve the Linux requirements.

> I would say that Firebird has proven itself as a usable back end for
> this sort of application.

You have to check the performance degradation with a time. The garbage
collection is an important issue. So let your system run for few hours and
then check it again.

> My ulterior motive is to ultimately convince people that a persistent
> queueing model embedded as a service in the Firebird engine would be
> useful and desirable, once Firebird's architecture has proven itself for
> the task. I am not out to specifically produce another JMS
> implementation, although that might be one stop along the way.

Just create a plugin for ActiveMQ and you're done :)